pleated blinds

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  • Neat design that takes up minimal space when fully opened
  • Performance fabrics help regulate the temperature of a room
  • Blackout styles are ideal for bedrooms
  • Unique system requires no screws or holes 
40% off
40% off

We offer a comprehensive stunning collection of pleated blinds in the latest designs and colours. Choose from textured, patterned or plain fabric and many appealing colours to match your interior designs and enhance your rooms. Our huge range of blinds also include honeycomb pleated blinds also known as cellular blinds.

The pleated blinds include a special reflective coating at the back and the honeycomb pleated blinds are made up of extra layers which are joined at the pleats to form cellular compartments that efficiently provide insulation by trapping air. Allowing you to regulate the temperature of your room and preserving warmth during winter and keeping excessive heat out in the summer with their thermal properties. Both types of pleated blinds have been proven to be the highest energy efficient with their thermal properties. Whilst enhancing your home with our pleated blinds also drastically cut down on your energy bills.

With our specially designed pleated blinds controlling the amount of light is at your fingertips, simply rotate the blinds to open or completely or partially close the blinds. We also give you the option to choose pleated blinds in perfect fit frame, so no screwing or drilling requires and cord free blinds for that extra peace of mind as we understand that blind cords can cause safety hazards for homes with young children or pets.



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