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  • A neat option for uPVC windows
  • A made-to-measure frame clips in place – no need for drilling
  • The blind becomes an integral part of the window
  • Works with Roller, Pleated and Metal Venetian blinds
offer 3 for £89
offer 3 for £89

Perfect fit blinds, available as pleated, roller or venetian blinds, are ideal for UPVC windows and doors. Fitting directly onto your window or door without having to screw or drill into your window frame, the perfect fit blinds neatly fit into a perfect fit frame which is then attached to the window with brackets, thus leaving no gaps down the sides of the blinds.

This distinctive perfect fit blind system allows the blinds to sit between the window frame and against the glass , allowing the blind to move with your doors and windows as you open and close them.

Perfect fit blinds are specifically designed to prevent obstruction of your window sill, so whether you choose to place ornaments or vases, we can ensure you that you will have enough space to retain your design ideas for your window sill. Gaining your window sill is not the only key feature of the perfect fit blinds, this unique style also provides great privacy and also allows you to retain heat in winter.

We also offer cordless perfect fit blinds, so eliminating any potential hazards and making this the perfect choice for homes with young children and pets.



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