aluminium venetion blinds

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  • Countless colours to choose from
  • Four slat widths to create different looks
  • Get a wood effect and the practicality of metal with Aluwood
  • Add luxury with Harmony blinds
30% off
30% off

Aluminium Venetian blinds, practical and stylish, are perfect for any room and any purpose. We offer these blinds in a great variety, from subtle to vibrant colours to beautify your existing furnishings and enhance your home.

Aluminium venetian blinds are carefully constructed from horizontal slates which are neatly attached to each other, so they can be easily rotated from being completely opened to completely closed, allowing you to control the amount of light you want to enter your room. Further, the venetian blinds can be pulled up fully, to allow maximum light to enter your room.

Not only will you have control over the flow of light at your finger tips, our aluminium venetian blinds also make cleaning more easier and enjoyable for you. Just simply pull the blinds up and avoid the hassle of having to continuously move them out the way.

So whether you want to brighten up your kitchen or make a fun addition to your children’s bedrooms, these blinds are the perfect choice for you.



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